Luxury Bathroom In 18th Century Palace.  Click here for details

Hotel Suite Bathroom.  Click here for details

Bathroom Suite With Crystal Vanity Unit.  Click here for details

Bathroom in Neoclassical Style.  Click here for details

Multicolor Bathroom Project for a Spa.  Click here for details

Project for a reception room with carved wooden panelling.  Click here for details

Elegant bathroom in Venetian Style.  Click here for details

Kitchen Design.  Click here for details

Imperial Style Bedroom Project.  Click here for details

Hotel Room Project.  Click here for details

Baroque Style Project.  Click here for details


Bianchini&Capponi has operated for over fourty years in the global market of Interior Design and Bathroom Decoration, achieving an unchallenged leading position in the Creation, Design and Construction of top quality items.

Capitalizing on this success and on the vast experience it has gained over the years, Bianchini &Capponi now revises its Custom Tailored Contract, which calls for the most accurate care in each phase of an Interior Decoration Project. Our professional staff members, expert creatives and specialized technicians are skilled at fully supporting designers to meet Customers’ needs and ensure the best end result.

Our key values are constant research on the variety of possible uses of original, valuable and aestheticaly superior materials, as well as a focus on the recovery and engineering of century-old manufacturing processes of unrivalled quality, further enhanced by the manual skills of our specialized craftsmen.

We are aware that our custom manufacturing expertise and our ability to turn your design and ideas into an accomplished reality is the only viable way to successful CONTRACT MANUFACTURING of MADE IN ITALY products. We are convinced that, at all levels, Quality of Service is what makes the biggest difference and actually attracts and retains customers.